Lose Weight With The Only Adjustable Gastric Balloon System

This non-surgical weight loss solution offers patients a higher weight loss success rate than ever before. With the highest weight loss results and highest success rates of all gastric balloons, the Spatz3 has proven to have an 84% success rate and 15% weight loss, far exceeding every non-adjustable balloon in non-comparative studies. In addition, FDA Clinical Trials show that Spatz balloon patients lost five times as much weight as those on diet alone.

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What Is Spatz3?

Spatz3 is the only Gastric Balloon in the world, helping achieve optimal weight loss results while changing your attitude towards food.

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Treat obesity with Weight Loss Balloon from Spatz Balloon

We strive to provide state-of-the-art weight-loss technology that enables our patients to achieve long-term healthy weight loss. Our innovative Spatz Balloon system offers a unique treatment for obesity which is now possible without surgery.

The weight loss balloon is inserted into the stomach by a medical professional using endoscope. During the twelve months, the volume of the Spatz3 Adjustable Balloon can be changed to either increase or decrease the space occupied by the balloon or to lessen symptoms. Endoscopic removal is used for the adjustable balloon.

The saline-filled balloon will fill approximately one-third of the stomach cavity once it is inserted into the body. The amount of food that the stomach can contain is reduced as a result. Additionally, the balloon’s existence makes it harder for the stomach to empty, which prolongs the time that food remains in the stomach. All of these outcomes encourage eating smaller meals more frequently.

To maximize the likelihood of long-term weight loss maintenance, the Spatz3 Adjustable Balloon System is intended for usage for up to twelve months in conjunction with a long-term supervised diet and behavior modification program.

The intragastric balloon is intended to help patients who need to reduce 10 kilograms or more (22 lbs or more) of fat. The gastric balloon is also recommended for people who have a BMI higher than 27.

Normal surgical treatments to reduce weight are performed in bariatric surgery, these include gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, Lap band surgery, and others. People who are not good candidates for weight reduction surgery or who are scared to have weight loss surgery can use Spatz3 Dubai for weight loss. The usage of the balloon may help with weight loss before surgery, lowering the risks connected with surgical operations. The best nonsurgical alternative to bariatric operations is the Spatz Gastric Balloon.

The intragastric balloon Spatz3 has several benefits.

1) It is dynamic and changeable, allowing you to vary the volume as your needs change.

2) It has been approved for a longer implantation time than other products on the market.

The first balloon with both of these benefits is Spatz Dubai. Leaving a balloon in the stomach for longer periods without increasing the amount of the balloon is unlikely to result in greater weight loss. The longer implantation period also allows you more opportunities to adjust your behavior, resulting in longer-lasting behavioral changes.

At Spatz Balloon, we aim to help patients achieve their optimal weight. Our customers trust us because we prioritize them. For the procedure of the weight loss balloon, we have a professional to perform your surgery. Our medical care staff will consult you before surgery to check if you are good for the treatment. Our staff will explain the procedure thoroughly to patients and answers your queries.

After answering all your queries, we set a date for the procedure. After the procedure, our clients are advised to consult the medical staff by visiting or calling. The balloon will be removed from the same procedure.

Learn More About The Spatz3

Spatz Balloon is committed to the patient’s journey, helping them achieve their weight loss goals while learning to listen to body cues that ultimately contribute to long-term weight management success. The Spatz3’s proven success rate encourages and inspires those looking to start their journey to health and happiness.

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All gastric balloons lose effect by the 4th month after implantation. However, with the Spatz3 Adjustable Balloon, the volume can be increased, extending the treatment and weight loss effect.
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Unfortunately, about 10% of patients will have sensitive stomachs that require removal of the balloon, which ends the treatment for these patients. However, thanks to the adjustability feature of the Spatz3, the balloon volume can be reduced, allowing for the completion of the treatment.

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According to US clinical trials, the Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon delivers the highest weight loss results of all balloons on the market.

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